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Reading: Transnational Dialogues: Children’s Literature Across Borders


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Transnational Dialogues: Children’s Literature Across Borders


Xia Zhao,

About Xia
Xia Zhao received her BA in Chinese Language and Literature and MA in Children’s Literature in 2003 and 2006, and her PhD in Literary Theory in 2013. She is now Associate Professor at Zhejiang International Studies University and Director of the Children’s Literature Committee of Zhejiang Provincial Writers Association. Xia has been concentrating her study on children’s literature and culture for nearly two decades. She is the author of seven academic books including The Spirit of Childhood and the Redemption of Culture: Aesthetic Research of Contemporary Cultural Consumption of Childhood (2017), Poetics of the Tender Age: The Arts of Literature for Young Children(2016), The Journey of Thoughts: A Critical Study of Contemporary English Children’s Literature Theory (2015), and two prose books for children. She has also translated twelve books (English to Chinese) and edited or joined the editing board of a number of children’s literature selections and primary readings. She was a visiting scholar at the University of Cambridge between 2019.10-2020.10. In 2008, she received the fellowship from the International Youth Library in Munich and has since then been entrusted with the selecting and reviewing of Chinese children’s books for the annual White Ravens: A Selection of International Children’s and Youth Literature published by the IYL. 
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Helen Wang

About Helen
Helen Wang is a London-based contributor to Paper Republic and co-tweets with translator Nicky Harman on @cfbcuk (China Fiction Book Club UK). She was one of the original editors of Read Paper Republic - working with Nicky HarmanDave Haysom and Eric Abrahamsen. In September 2016, she started a new project Chinese books for young readers, with Anna Gustafsson Chen and Minjie Chen. She won the 2017 Marsh Award for Literature in Translation for her translation of Bronze and Sunflower by Cao Wenxuan. In 2017 she was awarded the Chen Bochui "Special Contribution" Award, for her translations and increasing visibility of Chinese children's books.
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EDITOR’S NOTE This feature series of transnational dialogues, two-way interviews between academics and/or practitioners in different countries, has been developed in line with our Journal’s aim to facilitate and enhance dialogue across borders whether geographical, disciplinary or professional. We are very grateful to our Features Editor, Helen Wang, for facilitating this series.
How to Cite: Zhao, X. and Wang, H., 2022. Transnational Dialogues: Children’s Literature Across Borders. Writing Chinese: A Journal of Contemporary Sinophone Literature, 1(1), pp.82–101. DOI:
Published on 13 Jun 2022.


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